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Rob Dayton

“My job is transforming internal politics, dysfunction, and misalignment into measurably improved morale and productivity. I love what I do.”
—Rob Dayton

Optimize Your Team & Create A Healthier Organization

Raising morale and aligning on priorities makes an organization measurably more effective. And it can happen faster than you might think.

Rob Dayton is deeply experienced in guiding organizations to be more effective. He specializes in getting to the heart of the issues that are holding them back and transforming internal politics, dysfunction, and misalignment into measurably improved morale and productivity.

After more than 30 years of experience providing individualized solutions to the specific situations facing government entities, private organizations, and individuals, Rob is as enthusiastic as ever about assisting you to take your organization to the next level. 


If It’s Not Worth Doing Well, What’s The Point?

An effective leader knows that if it’s worthwhile for an organization to exist, it’s worthwhile to do what it takes to make it as healthy and as effective as possible. Rob consults with leadership teams to implement practical and proven actions that significantly improve morale and productivity. He is especially motivated to guide governmental organizations to be more effective and upgrade the "user experience" for the people they serve.

Rob at work in the field

Rob says...

"I believe that governance should be of the same quality as the community it serves."

Results include things like...

  • A Healthier Organization

  • Team Alignment

  • More Focused Management

  • Minimized Internal Politics

  • Maximized Team Clarity

  • High Morale

  • High Productivity

  • Low Turn-over

  • A Happier & More Collaborative Work Environment

It’s Not Complicated, But It Requires Commitment

In a nutshell, here’s how Rob describes what Strategic Culture does…

  • “Typically, I work directly with an organization's Executive Team. We work to make leaders and their teams stronger by helping them get clear and aligned around their direction and priorities. We help them improve their company cultures by focusing on how they communicate to their employees, how they manage people and how they run their meetings.”

  • Do not expect mere feel-good or touchy-feely psychobabble. Rather, Rob focuses on true team dynamics and alignment so that organizations can get more done in less time. Each project will not be called a “success” until there are measurable results.

  • As a consultant, Rob has developed a process for quickly identifying the core issues that are preventing an organization from performing at its highest potential, and then taking practical and applied steps to shift thinking and align the team. His proven process is not only effective but is often a cathartic and enjoyable experience for all involved.
  • Because each situation is unique, Rob often assembles project teams and works in collaboration with other professionals based on the specific challenge and needs of the organization.

For Humans

Strategic Culture serves private, governmental, and nonprofit organizations and individuals. If you have a team that could benefit from better clarity, alignment, and morale, we’re here to serve you.

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Rob with a trout

Rob’s enthusiasm is contagious

For more than 30 years, Rob Dayton has helped public and private organizations and individuals be more effective and achieve goals by getting focused about objectives and honest about challenges.

Rob's experience includes:

  • Served as transportation and environmental consultant in Los Angeles

  • Senior Public Works official with the City of Santa Barbara

  • National Director of the Master's Program, dedicated to inspiring people to find and live their unique calling so that they can transform the world around them.

  • Highly experienced public speaker

Rob's certifications include:

CAPA Pro Network
Working Genius Certified
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Rob and his wife Nancy live in Santa Barbara, California. They have two grown kids, Kendra and Jed.

Rob and his wife, Nancy
Rob and his daughter Kendra
Rob and his son Jed

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